iCON IGR 6x7 Battery Plant


iCON Gold Recovery Corp. is proud to present:

IGR 6x7 Battery Plant

Specifically designed for Pre-Classified Slurry

i350-battery-plant-320The iCON Battery Plant was designed by real miners working in remote regions of the world.

It utilizes the i350 concentrator which has become the World Wide placer mining standard for fine gold.

Gold concentrators are ‘batch’ machines. This means you must occasionally divert the feed to rinse the rich concentrate.

In a system with only 1 concentrator, you either ‘by-pass’ to tails or to a tank/slurry pump that recirculates the slurry back to a head tank.

A system having 2 concentrators would allow to you to always feed 1 out of the 2. This is inefficient. A system feeding 2 concentrators while rinsing a third becomes financially viable when using the economical i350. A battery feeding 6 while rinsing the 7th is very efficient and cost effective.

The iCON Rotary Distributor allows easy distribution of the slurry and sequential rinsing without complicated industrial valves and/or controls. The distributor is hand operated.


  • Option to feed slurry or to the distributor or feed dry sand to a mixing flume
  • Optional dewatering/desliming cyclone
  • Manually operated Rotating Distributor
  • 6 active concentrators while a 7th unit is rinsing
  • iPump to deliver the concentrates to a location of your choice
  • Tails chute allowing gravity discharge of the tails
  • Head tank allowing for even distribution of the slurry
  • Optional booster pump to deliver process water to the concentrators


  • Lowest installed cost per ton
    of any concentrator: bowls or spirals
  • Simple Design
     No computerized controls
     No pinch valves
     No compressed air
  • High Reliability
     Minimal moving parts to wear
     Serviceable with hand tools in the field
  • Ease of Operation
     Intuitive/visual operation
     Minimal training required


Intended for a 100 tph Alluvial Plant

  • The efficient capacity is 60 tph of 2mm-
  • The max capacity is 90 tph allowing for surges and variation in the feed
  • Each i350 is capable of 30 m^3 of slurry or 180 m^3 for the 6x7 battery
i350-battery-plant-front-320 i350-battery-plant-side-320




The Handwheel is rotated periodically to sequentially isolate 1 concentrator while the other 6 are actively fed.

This operation is intuitive and easy for an operator anywhere in the world.



What's Included

Seven (7) i350 Concentrators with VFD and push button start/stop
One (1) iPump used as a concentrate pump with VFD and push button start/stop
One (1) 6x7 Rotary Distributor with Manual Handwheel
One (1) Extra Heavy Duty Skid Structure
All plumbing and wiring within the envelope of the plant
Tails launder designed for gravity discharge


What's Not Included as Standard Equipment

Electrical Generator
Process water booster pump


Optional Equipment

Dewatering/Desliming Cyclones
Slurry Transfer Pump
Process Water Pump


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