iCON IGR 100 Gold Recovery Plant


iCON Gold Recovery Corp. is proud to present:

IGR 100 Plant - i150 Artisanal Plant





The IGR 100 Plant is a modular self-contained gold recovery system.

It uses classification and enhanced gravity to assure you are catching the finest gold and the big nuggets.




In the standard configuration material flows as follows:

  • The miner feeds sand / gravel into the vibrating screen
  • The screen divides your feed into 2mm plus and 2 mm minus size fractions
  • The 2mm plus will pass over the screen, over the Mini Grizzly and to the Sluice
  • The 2mm minus will pass through the screen and down to the slurry pump
  • The pump will move the fine material up and into the gravity concentrator

This 2 class process is designed by Metallurgical Engineers for maximum recovery of precious heavy minerals.

Gold Recovery iCON IGR 100 Plant 2

The iPump Slurry Pump can be used to supply the concentrator and/or to conveniently put tails where you want them. This convenient slurry pump can save hours of labor and easily move your feed and/or tails long distances or uphill. (see performance curve supplied). The iPump Slurry Pump was designed by professional engineers using Ni-Hard-4 for the impeller to ensure long life and reliability. iPump is supplied with a VFD to allow the user to easily adjust the flow rate and to connect the pump to a standard single phase electric generator.

igr-100-plant-transparent-320The iScreen Vibrating Screen is supplied with a 2mm screen. This matches the maximum feed size of the gravity concentrator. The iScreen Vibrating Screen can conveniently classify your material into 2 size fractions, ‘2mm plus’ and ‘2mm minus.’ iScreen uses a hi quality Italvibras motor and is supplied with a VFD to adjust the frequency of vibration.

A mini Grizzly and nugget trap are provided to capture any ‘screen oversize’ that you may have. This will give you great confidence that you are collecting the maximum size range of your gold from the finest gold caught in the concentrator to any nuggets caught in the grizzly.

The control station is simply a mounting rack to organize your water lines and electrical wiring. It comes with a water manifold to distribute 1 input source of clean water to various functions in the IGR 100 Gold Recovery Plant. The control station is intended to mount the VFD supplied with each component.

All components are matched in capacity and transportable in the field. Each item comes with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). These allow the user to easily adjust each item to their needs.

The VFDs also allow operation from different types of power supplies used around the world. VFDs are rainproof and suitable for outdoor service. All components are designed to connect to a standard 220 Volt, 1 phase gasoline powered generator.

The photo and images show the standard configuration and all supplied components.

Gold Recovery iCON IGR 100 Plant View 1

Gold Recovery iCON IGR 100 Plant View 2

View 1 View 2

Views 1 and 2 are engineering drawings showing the standard configuration of the IGR 100 Plant.

Gold Recovery iCON IGR 100 ExtraiCON IGR 100 Gold Recovery Plant Includes:

  • 1 iCON i150 Gravity Concentrator
  • 1 iCON iPump 1.0
  • 1 iCON iScreen 12 Inch x 24 Inch with 2mm screen
  • 1 Mini Grizzly and Sluice to capture and ‘Screen Oversize’ that you have
  • 1 Control Station to conveniently arrange your electrical and water supplies (as seen in photo)
  • 1 Installation Kit to connect all components

Does Not Include:

  • Water pump to supply process water to concentrator and screen
  • Generator

iCON IGR 100 Gold Recovery Plant Specifications

Capacity 2 tons per hour passing the screen to the concentrator. The feed to the screen will be greater depending on the size distribution of your material
Electrical Requirement 8KW 220 Volt Generator, Single Phase
Water Consumption 50 mm external pump is suggested


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